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Growing Up Without a Spectrum

Supported Decision Making

Born in the '60s, J.R. as a child and adult exhibited what we now know are the classic signs of autism and Asperger's.  Diagnosed at age 46, he was out of high school and college before they started diagnosing autism in kids.  

Mocked and bullied by teachers, classmates, and employers, he has an interesting story of growing up thinking he was just a weird person.

What's the difference between guardianship and supported decision making?


Listen as J.R. explains why supported decision making can be the best thing for those with developmental disabilities, and in fact, how each and every one of us engages in it each day.


Neurodivergence and Neurodiversity are a huge problem in communities around the world.

J.R. will discuss the facts, stats, and offer solutions on how to deal with the lack of acceptance it, and how to educate others on this growing problem.

Autism Is My Superpower

J.R. is an adult with what the DSM used to call Asperger's Syndrome..


It's a form of autism marked by problems with being socially awkward, along with intelligence and some repetitive behaviors.


Would J.R. change being an Aspie?

Absolutely not!  

My Groups

Partners In Policymaking
Ozark Inclusion Partnership
Autism Awareness Polk County

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