"What we need is Autism Acceptance and true Neurodiversity."

I am an autistic self-advocate with an award-winning purple goatee, who runs the blog Not Weird Just Autistic from a log cabin in the Missouri Ozarks.


Known 'round the world for focusing on teens through late-diagnosed adults, A.K.A., The Forgotten Ones, my mission is four-fold.



  1.  To educate people on both sides of the spectrum by fostering meaningful conversations.

  2. To help those on the spectrum feel better about themselves and lead happier lives.

  3. Show Neurotypicals (those with neurologically typical brains) what skills and assets we bring to the table.

  4. Dialogue with NTs about how to integrate those assets into a business or social setting.



Allow Me To Speak To Your Group

Because of the COVID 19 pandemic, in-person events have mainly gone by the wayside for now.  I've spoken live to groups as small as 25 and as large as 1,500 in the rotunda at the Missouri State Capitol..


I have brought that experience online to keep educating people about autism, Neurodiversity and issues involving these subjects to groups as large as 3,900..


I can do presentations, teach classes, or facilitate Zoom discussion groups on a variety of topics. for any size crowd.

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Not Weird Just Different


Line up five people and tell me which ones are Nurodivergent.

Chances are you won't be able to.  Our disabilities aren't easy to spot.


If you don't know who has a disability and who doesn't, shouldn't it make sense that you may not be able to see the person's talents and capabilities?


How can you take those of us with hidden disabilities and integrate us into your business or social environments?  


Let's explore it together!

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Too many see those of s that are autistic or otherwise Neurodivergent as weird, strange, or odd.

Maybe we are to them, but have you ever considered that Neurotypicals may be those very same things to us?

We'll talk about how our brains are differently wired and what gifts and talents we have to offer.

As I like to say, "We're like Macs in a PC world.  We may have different operating systems, but we still get the job done!"





What is Neurodiversity and what is it to be Neurodivergent? Are these fad buzz words or are they part of our new language? 


I'll explain the differences between Neurotypical & Neurodivergent and the benefits of a truly neurodiverse society, including how those of us with brains that are differently wired can help your business, social group and friendships. 


NT + ND = Neurodiversity

A Few Groups I've Worked With
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Autism Is My Superpower

Listen to the story of a boy who grew up before his time.  Or did he?


Bullied by teachers, students, and others in his life, he wondered why he was the way he was, and if there was anything he could do about it.


We'll talk about what autism really is, why people on the spectrum have strengths and not deficits, as well as what the Neurodiversity Movement is and why it's here to stay


Things transformed for the boy, now a man, the day he received his Asperger's diagnosis at age 46. Everyone on the spectrum has some kind of superpower, you just have to learn to tap into it. 


No tights required. Cape optional.

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Disability Rights Legislative Day at the Missouri State Capitol--March 2020
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Guardianship & Supported Decision Making--Easterseals Midwest--2019
Partners In Policymaking
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Ozark Inclusion Partnership
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