Why Doesn't the LBGTQIA+ Community Want Support from Heterosexuals?

Yesterday I got on Twitter, and as it’s currently Pride Month, I tweeted that we should all help support the LBGTQIA+ community this month and every month.

I received two responses, and neither were anywhere close to positive. The first one said,

“We don’t need support from Heterosexuals. Leave us alone.”

The second was very colorful,

“Filthy F*&^%$# Breeder. Stop messing with us.”

I had no clue how I was messing with, “them”, and in fact I don’t see anyone who is LGBTQIA+ as “them.” I see members of that community as people, and I was pretty sad when I received those tweets. I’ve since deleted it and blocked the haters because I didn’t need to be the punching bag for some hardcore people who hate those of us they refer to as “breeders.”

I grew up in California in the city with the largest LBGTQIA+ community, Long Beach, and have several friends who are part of that community. I supported them year-round, helped them with events they did and supported them at Pride Parades. No one ever seemed to have a problem with my sexual orientation, and in fact, many were happy to have the support of people outside their community.

Yesterday’s incident isn’t the first time I’ve been figuratively punched in the mouth for publicly standing up for this community, but I guarantee you it will be the last. As an autism and neurodiversity self-advocate, I believe in standing up for people who are seen as different. I don’t like it when anyone is picked on or mocked for being who they are, and that includes those who are LGBTQIA+.

I have good friends who are LGBTQIA+ and autism and neurodiversity self-advocates and they know who I am, what I stand for, and that I support them and their community.

So, I’m here on this Saturday morning asking you who are LGBTQIA+ to back off a bit and accept those outside your community who are trying to support you. If we’re telling others that they need to support your community, who are we hurting? Certainly not you.

I’m also saying if you are a member of that community and you have a hate for us breeders, keep it to yourself and be happy that those outside your community are willing to support you. When you make comments like you did to me, you hurt everyone within your community. You may not think you are, but you are.

If doing the right thing by standing up for others who need acceptance is wrong, then I’m all kinds of wrong. I will continue to stand up for this community and others who are marginalized, but I guarantee I won’t do it publicly after I publish this. I’m tired of getting bashed and called names for trying to be there for others.

So please, whether you’re LGBTQIA+ or you’re a filthy breeder like me, support this community not only during Pride Month, but year-round. And while there are certainly haters out there, the vast majority of the community will welcome your support with open arms.

Remember that when all is said and done, we’re all just people. Strip away the labels and you’re left with a group of people who are actually more similar than you may realize.

Never be afraid to stand up for what you believe, no matter how much hate you get.

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