• J.R. Reed

The Real Story Behind Autism and Vaccines

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Once again people are talking about autism being caused by vaccines. Every time people bring this up I scratch my head and wonder how the heck they come to this conclusion.

You see, I’m on the spectrum and thus think very logically. If you look at this logically you can’t help but know that this viewpoint is completely wrong, but I guess the people who believe this don’t look at it logically.

You see, autism is something you’re born with and not something you develop after you’re born. I don’t know of a professional in the field who would argue this point, but there are still the anti-vaxxers out there who push for children to not get vaccinated.

Looking at the situation logically, how can you become autistic after receiving a vaccine if autism is something you’re born with? To believe that a vaccine causes one to be on the spectrum makes absolutely no sense and to be honest, completely befuddles me.

If you don’t believe that this is a thing, know that Facebook, a company not known for jumping on top of things right away, is cracking down on people who post anti-vaccine information. Now I’m not saying that Facebook is anywhere close to the gold standard for morality or even doing the right thing, but even they’re on board, which is cool.

If you’re one who believes that vaccines cause one to be autistic, I would ask that you sit down with an open mind and look at the facts. In fact, you really only need to look at one fact, and that’s the fact that autism is NOT something that one contracts after birth.

If you’re either born on the spectrum or you’re not, please explain to me how you can suddenly become autistic after receiving a vaccination or two? I’m serious about explaining it to me. I would love it if you used the comments section and let me know why you believe what you believe.

We’re all entitled to our opinions and I would love to hear about yours, whether or not it’s the same as mine.

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