The Autism Dad on Surviving Holiday Gatherings on the Spectrum

Join Shannon and J.R. as they sit down with one of the biggest names in autism blogging and social media, Rob Gorski, A.K.A. The Autism Dad.

Rob has three sons who are on the spectrum so he knows a thing or two about how to manage and survive holiday gatherings with his family.

Rob drops a lot of knowledge on the listeners during the show, such as:

"So I have kind of a different perspective of things I guess. But it's like a, it's like a bank account, right?

Like if you have $100 in your account and it's going to cost $100 to go to this party when you come out of that, you have nothing.

And so, you know, a lot of times what happens is, you know, my kids have resources built up that they can cope with the things that kind of happen in daily life. But if I ask too much of them, where I put them in a situation where they have to cope more than what they normally would, they chew through those resources and then they're left at a deficit."

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