Rollin’ Nerdy

Wednesday is possibly the greatest day of the week in the life of a nerd. Wednesday is New Comic Book day and the opportunity to read some of your favorite stuff. Being a comic book nerd, I love Wednesday and am usually at my local comic book shop shortly after opening.

This week was no exception and I was excited to find the new Lady Mechanika in my inbox. There was also a Vampirella #1, the final edition of Robyn Hood: Outlaw and the usual superhero fare including Aquaman, Captain Marvel, Domino, Daredevil, Deadpool, Spider-Man, Silver Surfer Black and Age of X-Man.

In my defense, I didn’t go home and read them all, only four as of Wednesday afternoon.

Being nerdy is definitely an autistic thing, but it’s also for the neurotypicals among us, It’s one thing that we have in common with the non-autistic crowd.

Besides New Comic Book Day, there’s also Friday Nerd Game Night at the comic book shop. It’s a place where about thirty of us gather on Friday nights to play Magic the Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder or whatever we want to.

For those of us on the spectrum, it’s a chance to get out amongst our own people and have a little fun. Yes, it can sometimes be intimidating and overwhelming, but we suck it up because we know this is one of the last places where we can feel free and relaxed while still being able to leave our homes.

The local comic book shop is someplace we can find the things we enjoy and be able to meet up with friends while still being able to make new ones. It’s amazing to see people who normally shy away from the company of others, coming together and being social with one another and acting friendly towards people they may or may not know.

Yeah, nerdy is how I roll, but you know, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The nerds are my posse and I plan on rolling with them until the day I die.

Other than getting out on Wednesday and Friday, I’m pretty much a typical person on the spectrum for the rest of the week. Which is to say that I generally stay home and to myself. I’m OK with that because I know I have my Nerd Game Night group that I hang with and I know that it’s never more than a few days away.

Are you a nerd that likes doing quirky things? If so, share your story with us so we can spread the word that nerds aren’t a bad thing and that we can hang out and do things as a group.

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