• Shannon Hughes

Medical Professionals, Rainbow Business Cards and Gaudy Christmas Suits

Who knows our bodies better than ourselves?

It was a few weeks ago that I had the brilliant idea to make a schedule of podcast topics and worry about finding experts to speak intelligibly on those subjects later. I wasn’t concerned because networking is JR’s purview. I just make cute logos, business cards, bookmarks, and play with the pretty colors until we’re both happy… and then a few more hours after that (JR’s business card has about thirty variations saved on my computer, half of them with rainbow gradient backgrounds that are completely inconsistent with the look we’re going for). In all honesty, I wanted a schedule of podcast topics so that I could make a flyer for it.

Now we have a podcast coming up on interacting with medical professionals. But who do you ask to talk about interacting with medical professionals? A medical professional – doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, specialist?

What about someone with a lot of physical and mental health problems who regularly sees a lot of different medical professionals? Someone who has been frustrated with primary care physicians, paramedics, and emergency room nurses lacking awareness of the complications inherent in life on the spectrum? Someone who started an encounter with a specialist in which the specialist treated them as an equal before learning about their diagnosis of autism, or OCD, or depression, and then began speaking to them like they were a child or attributing their symptoms to mental illness?

That’s us. We’re both people on the spectrum with health conditions that are rare but common in people with autism – epilepsy, joint hyper-mobility, hearing loss, GI issues, etc. I have a neurologist, a neuropsychiatrist, a therapist, a psychiatrist, a rheumatologist, a gastroenterologist, an OBGYN, and a primary care physician. I just interrupted JR’s Christmas wardrobe planning to make him count his doctors…

…stand by…

…eight, and he wants to know if I’m afraid he’s dying. (On a side note, JR just bought a suit that looks like Christmas wrapping paper – come to Geekmas if you want to see it.)

So, the podcast next week will have experts. JR and I are both experts on our own health just like everyone who interacts with medical professionals. So, I got to make my flyer, and everything still worked out.

Also, check out the podcast schedule. If you want to chat with us about any of those things, we’re looking for guests. 😊

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