Managing Holiday Overload With Shannon & J.R.

As we enter the holiday season once again, Shannon and J.R. take the time to share some of their experiences with holiday overload and give you tips on how you can hopefully have the best holiday season yet.

J.R. talks about his history of going to family gatherings and feeling so overwhelmed that he not only had to go outside to get away from the crowds and sensory overload but had to go outside and literally hide in order to get away from it.

Triggers, and knowing what they are and how you can handle them, are a big part of managing overload at any time of the year, but especially around the holiday season. If you know what to watch out for, you can be better prepared to avoid sensory overload and meltdowns,

Before things get stressful, explain, explain, explain! Communication is key to keeping your sanity at the proper levels.

Shannon shares some excellent tips on how to get through the season and they both share some humorous stories from the past.

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