• J.R. Reed

Looks Like a Geekmas Christmas

If you're a nerd in the Springfield, MO area, there is no better place to be on Saturday, December 7 than Geekmas 2019 at The Creamery in Downtown Springfield.

Listen as we're joined by Hawk of the podcast Fanatics and the Fan and Geekmas. He talks about the history, this year's event and all the cool stuff happening.

This is year 6 for the event and the first three were in Hawk's house. Finally, it got too big, so they moved it to the Creamery in downtown Springfield.

Only $5 gets you in the door and it's only $3 if you come in costume! Bring an unwrapped toy for Toys for Tots and enter the raffle for a 3D printer with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. (How cool is that?)

The event is co-hosted by Branson's own Nerd Informants, and several local game shops are getting in on the action as well.

Oh, and Not Weird Just Autistic will be running a Nerd Crossword contest, with the first person getting all their answers right winning a prize.

Playco Games is sponsoring tabletop games and will be running games in the D & D room. There's also a possible Battetech game with people on hand teach you how to play. More on that to follow...

Contender e-Sports will also be there to run the e-games room. Speaking of e-games, we learned that back in the day, Hawk's mom simply crusheeeeeeeed Galaga and Hawk would have to beg her for the remote back so he could play his games.

It sounds like a cool mom if you ask me.

Mickey Mouse will be there taking photos with all the nerds and don't forget to stop by the Not Weird Just autistic booth to get your picture taken with J.R. and his God awful, gaudy Christmas suit!

There will be lots of vendors including comic books, collectibles, jewelry and more.

You can find Geekmas on Facebook by using the search bar and also look for the Fanatics and the Fan page to keep up with their podcast.

If you're a nerd in Southwest Missouri, you know where you'll be on December 7 from 10-7, right?

Oh and don't forget about the after-party...

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