• JR Reed/Shannon Hughes

How to Deal With Your Scary Seasonal Mood Disorder

Shannon and J.R. both suffer from Seasonal Mood Disorder, a worsening of depression during the fall and winter months.

This is due in large part to less sunlight than in other parts of the year and if you think this is one of those hokey types of diagnosis, you're absolutely wrong. This is a very real thing.

For Shannon, it starts around October and goes through February or March and for J.R. it typically starts around mid-November, a couple of weeks before his birthday and also goes until somewhere around March.

When you deal with this, you tend to be more depressed, lose interest in things you once enjoyed, don't sleep well or sleep more than usual, and there's also a higher risk of suicide or self-harm.

Shannon explains the ins and outs of Seasonal Mood Disorder and what it really means to deal with this.

The good news is that there are ways to help improve your symptoms, including light therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, and medications among other things.

We discuss workplace accommodations, and why women are four times as likely to deal with this than men are.

To hear all about it, listen to the podcast now and check out the link below to see if you might suffer from this affliction.


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