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Hanging With the Neurodivergent Rebel, A.K.A. Christa Holmans

Shannon and J.R. spend time with Christa Holmans, A.K.A. Neurodivergent Rebel, who like us, received a diagnosis of autism as an adult.  Since that time, Christa has learned everything she can about neurodiversity and has become one of the Internet's most passionate cheerleaders for the subject.

We talked about neurodiversity, autism, living in a trailer, and how people on the spectrum are often looked down upon by society for some reason. 

"It's like the way we're (autistic people) talked about is like, we're not even human. Sometimes it's just really demoralizing, and it really is hard on your self-esteem.  And then imagine if you have low self-esteem already and you're feeling bad about yourself.  You've been treated like you're a burden your whole life and made me believe that that terrible story.  This is horrible."

Christa Holmans

Now it's time to listen to the whole podcast.

You can find Christa all over the Internet...

https://www.neurodivergentrebel.com @neurorebel https://www.facebook.com/NeurodivergentRebel/ https://www.instagram.com/neurodivergentrebel/ YouTube

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