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Getting Nerdy With Pop Goes the Culture

Shannon and J.R. kick off Nerdodiversity month with an old-school nerd and an old-school nerdy topic!  Joey Mills is a Southwest Missouri legend in the Nerd World and he's known around the world for his Pop Goes the Culture website and podcast.  We're yakking about a nerd topic almost as old as nerddom itself.  That's right, we're talking Star Wars. A long time ago on a podcast (not so) far, far away sat three nerds named Shannon, J.R., and Joey.  They talked about the original trilogy, the newer stuff, the source material that may have inspired George Lucas, archetypes and the franchise in general. Unlike a movie, we fit all this great Star Wars knowledge into much less than two hours. If you've never heard the Pop Goes the Culture podcast, your ears don't know what they're missing.  The really cool thing about the podcast is that Joey records it at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Springfield, MO.  He sets up eight microphones, opens the door to the room and whoever shows up to talk about nerd culture is on the show.  It's a nerdy free for all, a completely different show each week and honestly, a lot of fun. Besides all the fun stuff, we also delved into what makes the Star Wars franchise and the characters so great, "I think kids are sort of the ultimate litmus test for whether or not something really has archetypal characters because they will resonate with kids almost more than adults who are looking at the special effects and the quality of the acting and stuff like that. But if the storyline has characters that are really archetypal, I think that just really resonates with kids, and they just lap it up and just watch movies again and again and again when they have that aspect to them." Joey Mills

LISTEN HERE Catch Pop Goes the Culture at: www.popgoestheculture.com https://popgoestheculture.com/pgtcpodcast/ https://www.facebook.com/pgtcpodcast/ https://twitter.com/pgtcpodcast

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