• JR Reed/Shannon Hughes

Autism and Eating Disorders With Brenda Grund--Podcast Episode

Shannon and J.R. recently sat down with Brenda Grund of Centrum Spectra in the Netherlands to discuss the growing problem of girls and women on the spectrum and eating disorders.

Seeing as how Shannon is a woman and that she has some experience in this area, she led the conversation with Brenda and we learned some amazing things and realized just how big a problem this is within the autistic community.

Anorexia and Bulimia not only affect the person with the eating disorder but also impact their families as well, as we found out during the discussion.

"I think with Aspie women it is more common to see women who are very finicky eaters a lot of the time because they have food allergies and they can't stand certain textures. Probably if they have an eating disorder, they're trying to get more calories in and get their weight up, that would be hard for them."

Shannon Hughes

Now it's time to hear the rest of the conversation!

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