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The Autism Experience

Life as a person with autism isn't a disease or a condition.  Our unique autistic makeup allows us to EXPERIENCE life in a way that others can't.

Celebrate your autism and experience an amazing life.

Growing Up Without a Spectrum  To Be On

What was it like for those of us who grew up before autism was being diagnosed?  For me it was tough and sometimes painful.  But it made me the person and advocate that I am today. 


I guess it was worth it...

Disabled or Dis-abled

Are we disabled people or are we people that are dis-abled by our environment?  This world wasn't created for people with autism, but that doesn't mean we can't adapt and thrive


Not Just Disabilities

The medical model of autism, along with a large percentage of medical professionals, tell us what we CAN'T do.  As an autism self-advocate, I'm here to say that we have abilities you probably haven't noticed yet.  And when you do see, you'll view autism in a new way.

Autism Acceptance

or Awareness?

There is a difference between being aware and being accepting.  Being aware of autism is great, but do you accept autistic people as we are?

Let Me Customize Your Next Presentation

Every company and organization has different needs and a different purpose in putting on a presentation.

Together we will customize your perfect presentation,

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