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To me, autism isn't a disease or a condition, but rather an experience.  We see the world through a unique set of lenses, and experience life in a quirky, unique way that others will never experience.

Because of our unique way of experiencing life, we will struggle as we attempt to interpret our version of the world.  Whether you're transitioning from life with mom and dad to doing things on your own, are a family that needs support and direction, or are a late-diagnosed adult trying to translate your new life, I'd love to chat with you and see if I can help you.

As a Cognitive Behavioral; Therapist, and a Certified Life Coach I know the importance of valuing yourself as a person with autism.  I also understand the need to do certain things, and for the need to find ways to adapt, so we can participate in the events we want to.

My goal in coaching families and late diagnosed adults is that we all learn to love ourselves as we are and to help others lead a happier, more fulfilled life.  All of us, Neurotypical or Neurodivergent, deserve as much.

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