This story isn’t about the degrees Stephen Hawking received and the individual accolades he racked up.  It’s about a man who life kicked in the crotch and who kept rolling along, always finding a way to overcome and succeed.  If you want to know what degrees he had and what actual discoveries he made, I can direct you to at least a thousand other articles that are online today.

I’m an Aspie and proud of it, but I’m not always proud of the way I react to situations.  Something doesn’t go as planned or I get way overstimulated and there’s a possible meltdown on the horizon. 

stephen hawking smilingCompare that with the fact that Stephen Hawking had to talk by moving his cheek muscle and you’ll see that the problems of the high-functioning autistic are the equivalent to stubbing one’s toe in the middle of the night as you dip that giant Hershey bar into a jar of peanut butter.  If in fact, you’re one who would do such a thing at three in the morning.

I look at moments that didn’t go my way, but for Stephen Hawking, life itself didn’t go his way.  I get depressed and anxious about things that I think are huge but in reality. are nothing.  Last night when I read the sad news that Dr. Hawking had passed, several thoughts raced through my brain.  Once I was able to slow that Aspie roll, here’s what I came up with.


  1.   Stephen Hawking is the poster boy for Suck It Up Buttercup!
  2.    He had more inner strength than I will ever hope to have.
  3.    Stephen Hawking took everything life threw at him and, if he had the physical ability, would have flipped it the bird.
  4.    The man that I playfully and respectfully referred to as Doc Hawk, had a sense of humor about life and about his situation, as noted by his several guest appearances on The Big Bang Theory.
  5.    This guy was more of a man than most of us will ever hope to be, because physical strength, physique, and cool hair don’t make a man.  What Stephen Hawking stood for, what he accomplished and who he was inside made him the man that he was.


Stephen Hawking, I don’t understand a thing that you accomplished in your professional career but I do understand the kind of person you were and frankly, anyone who has a disability should be proud to have had you in our posse for seventy-six years.  You are, or at least should be, a hero to each and every one of us and to the population as a whole.

Your life was an example of how we should live our own and I’m happy to be able to say that I shared this earth with you for fifty-two of your years and was able to see firsthand who you really were and what you were all about.

Roll on through those pearly gates, Stephen Hawking and know that, while you’re in a better place, the world is a little worse off today without you in it.  Thank you for being a shining example to us all.

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