The High Functioning Autistic adult community, including those with Aspergers, is largely forgotten about by not only society as a whole, but by those that speak for the autistic community.

Unless you’re an autistic child or a low-functioning autistic adult, you will typically fight and never get any help and that’s simply wrong.  This site is built by, run by and the content is populated by high functioning autistic adults.



With this site, I intend to





I encourage those that are high-functioning autistic adults, the neurotypicals (non-autistic) in their lives and professionals in the field to share their stories here and to give both advice and encouragement to the rest of us.

The only way that any of us can affect change and get our community noticed by the public and the mental health community is if we band together and work as a team to share our stories and fight for what we deserve.

As a freelance writer, you would think putting words on a website comes easy, but writing about what hurts isn’t an easy thing.  I have a passion for educating others about high functioning autistics and want to start advocating for us.  That’s way out of my comfort zone, but something I’m willing to do because it needs to be done.

Please join me in the fight to educate and advocate on behalf of our community.