My name is J.R., and I’m a nerd.  I’m proud to be a nerd, but that should come as no surprise as, whether we like to admit it or not, we’re all nerdy in different ways.  Our job is to find that way, accept that it’s part of us and have fun with your inner nerd.

Not all nerds are guys and in fact, some of the coolest nerds are of the female gender.  To a nerd like me, we even find some fellow nerdy women that we would love to date and be with, though for an autistic guy with an autism service dog, I think I may be pushing the nerd envelope a bit in trying to find a hot nerd who digs me.  Oh well.

J.R. Reed Not Weird Just Autistic

Tina Fey is nerdy hot

Speaking of hot nerds who dig me, or in this case, don’t know that I exist.  Back in the day (not that long ago) Tina Fey is a prime example of “nerdy hot”.  One of these days I’ll come up with a Nerdy Hot scale to see how much nerdiness and how much hotness someone can handle, but for now here’s a pic of the SNL and 30 Rock star in all her nerdy hotness.

Let’s talk about nerds in general because we’re not a one type fits all bunch.  Yes, there are many types of nerds in this world which makes the discovery part of your nerdiness so much fun.

“But J.R.,” you ask.  “How do I know what kind of nerd I am?”  That’s a good question and one which takes a bit of self-reflection and some experimenting with the various types of nerdiness so you can figure out what your jam is.

Here are some of the more common types of nerd categories in the world today.  There are way more categories, so if you don’t find yours here, chill out and go exploring for the nerdy thing that makes your life happier.

Book Nerd

Comic Book Nerd (my type)

Star Wars Nerd (this is a HUGE one in the nerd community, but one which I never got too into)  May the Fourth Be With You.

Academic Nerd (similar to Book Nerd but focused on schoolwork and not on the New York Times Bestseller List)

Sci-Fi Nerd (this is similar to the Star Wars nerd but also includes stuff like Star Trek. Battlestar Galactica and anything else having to do with science fiction)

Tech Nerd (think Steve Jobs or any hacker you know)

Science Nerd (Beaker from the Muppets and Bill Nye the Science Guy are their heroes and if it has to do with science, they would cancel a date with Tina Fey to work on their project)

Music Nerd (this is in honor of my friend Sarah who claims herself to be a music nerd.  Typically they listen to indie- I like alternative indie–but they also tend to get into some really freaky, weird stuff.  I’m not judging because, hey, they’re fellow nerds)

Gaming Nerd (this is kind of a sub-genre of the sci-fi nerd, yet these people will spend days at a time playing their games, ignioring their jobs, families, the shower and anything else important in their life)

There are, of course, sooooo many more types of nerds out there, but these are a few of the bigger ones and ones that you can start exploring.  Of course, you may not have to explore because you may already found your nerd jam in this list.

I fought my nerdiness for years until I finally came to embrace it in my forties, a year or so after I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high functioning autism.  But you don’t have to be autistic to be a nerd.  In fact, some of the world’s top nerd minds aren’t autistic, but if you are autistic the nerdiness seems to come as a package deal.

J.R. Reed Not Weird Just Autistic

The DC Bombshells are a male nerd’s dream come true!

There’s one comic book series that I particularly enjoy and that’s DC’s Bombshells.  These are 1940’s versions of some of your favorite female superheroes and villains done in a sort of pinup style (which I dig as a theme in general).

The bottom line is, we all have an inner nerd hanging around inside of us and the sooner we identify what nerdy past time we like, the sooner we can accept and celebrate that which is a part of us.  So what type of nerd are you?  I want to know.  Use the comments section below and let me know!


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