Not Weird, Just Autistic–Growing Up Off the Spectrum  

“How do you grow up off the spectrum?” You’re probably asking yourself at this moment. Autism isn’t like MS, Parkinson’s or any number of neurological conditions affecting the brain because you’re born with it and don’t develop it later in life.

Well, I did grow up off the spectrum and so did thousands if not hundreds of thousands of others. You may call me crazy, though I prefer eccentric or middle-aged hipster with a penchant for my black pork pie hat, Buddy Holly glasses, and colorful Converse sneakers. You can call me what you want because I’m sure at some point in life I’ve been called much worse.

   You see, when I was born, there was no such thing as an autism spectrum until, believe it or not, 2013. Autism is an ever-evolving condition and I don’t think it’s completely fair to say that I grew up off the spectrum if that word wasn’t used until five years ago. For the sake of argument, what I mean by “growing up off the spectrum” is that my form of autism wasn’t identified and classified until 1994, ten years after I graduated high school.

This book looks at my life not knowing what was wrong with me but knowing I was different and working to get my diagnosis as well as my journey after that and how I coped and made it to where I am today.

   Look for the book coming sometime in late 2018.


Autism Is My Superpower

The follow up to Not Weird, Just Autistic–Growing Up Off the Spectrum.  The book chronicles my decision to advocate for those with Asperger’s and the journey from writing and blogging, to the first book, working with local groups to make them aware of how to deal with the high functioning autistic community and the beginning of my speaking career.  My hope is that it’s as inspirational for you to read as it is for me to write.


Professor Indigo, and the Goblin King

Set in Eureka Springs, AR in the late 1800’s, a new king has risen in the Goblin community that dwells in the many caves surrounding Eureka Springs.  Fearing the more than 20,000 people who have arrived for the local healing springs and are living in tents, mere feet outside the entrance to their homes, the king formulates a plan to rid the area of humans.  When he does, the locals turn to the smartest man they know, scientist, inventor and magician, Dr. Thaddeus Grubaugh, or as he is more commonly known, Professor Indigo.