The High Functioning Autistic adult community, including those with Aspergers, is largely forgotten about by not only society as a whole, but by those that speak for the autistic community.

   Unless you’re an autistic child or a low-functioning autistic adult, you will typically fight and never get any help and that’s simply wrong.  This site is built by, run by and the content is populated by high functioning autistic adults.

It’s About Time I Figured Myself Out Getting to know your true self is a key to a happy life

“Is there a point to this?”  You may ask.  Of course there is.  There’s hope for us all  We may not be happy with who we are or where we’re at in life, but we can keep chasing greatness, figure ourselves out and become the best versions of ourselves that we can be.  At least that’s what I get when I hear this song.

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The Fascinating Truth About Autism and Bitterness

I’m just going to lay it all on the line.  When we as high functioning autistics (HFAs) get hurt, excluded, lied to, screwed over or otherwise wronged, whether intentional by the person(s) involved or just perceived by our brains, it quickly turns into bitterness and we have a hard time letting go of it.  We want to let go of it and have the bitterness go away, but as hard as we try, it lingers like one of my autism service dog’s toxic farts.

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Secrets of the Emerging Nerd That Is Me

My name is J.R. and I’m a nerd.  This isn’t a new revelation to me and probably not to those who have known me for a while.  I will say one thing about the definition above and that’s that I don’t believe it has to be a nonsocial hobby or pursuit.  Don’t believe me?  What about all the Dungeons & Dragons nerds out there?  They’re being social, just with their own type

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Math and the what if outcome of my life

Let’s clear one thing up, right off the bat.  I’m fifty-two, considering going back and taking a few classes to finish up a degree and I am terrified of math.  I don’t get math, the math doesn’t get me and that’s just the way it is.  It wasn’t always that way, though,  There was a time when I was good at math, though to look at my grades you would definitely not know it.  Let me tell you a story.

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Loneliness, stress and a lack of sleep

Belief in yourself is a great cure for loneliness and stress and feeling better about yourself doesn’t hurt when it comes time to sleep, which I’m going to go and try to go (again) in a few minutes.  I was hoping that writing this and getting this off my chest would help me feel better and I guess it has a little.  Here’s hoping that by the time I crawl back into bed, I feel more than a little better.

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